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Yamato 2202

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Atmosphrische Mystery-Serie, die ber casinos gemacht wurden, ist noch unklar. Und Gott sei Dank gibt es Bilder von diesem wilden 3:3.

Yamato 2202

Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato ist ein Anime des Studios»XEBEC«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Space Battleship Yamato. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol.3 von Nobuyushi Habara | Orell Füssli: Der Buchhändler​. Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol.3 DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen.

Star Blazers 2202 - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol.3

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Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors ㎜ 1/ Die-Cast Gimmick Model. $ $ Free shipping. In , three years after the Gamillas invasion of the Solar system, the people in the Solar System are finally at peace. The Earth 's biosphere has been restored with the Cosmo Reverse System brought by the Yamato at the end of Space Battleship Yamato Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Space Battleship Yamato at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. In the original Yamato 2 series, I believe you guys hypothesis the heavy automation of the Andromeda led to her destruction when in crashed into Gatlantis. But in Yamato , Andromeda gets even more automated during the refit to the point she only needs a single crewmember to run her. Similar to the USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness. Tsutaya’s Yamato , A Distant Journey remains the last mobile game standing in the continuing history of Yamato mobile games for Japanese phones. Shown here is promo art for their current campaign, which includes an animated component named “Live 2D.” Tsutaya’s Twitter page can be found here.

Although he is modest, he is a competent officer who has the full confidence of both Kodai and Nanbu. Voice: Daisuke Hirakawa.

Second in command of the Yamato Air Corps. His easygoing manner and long hair gives him the look of a careless person, but he willingly undertakes all hardships.

Voice: Yuya Chikaki. Has a cheerful but tough personality. He was once the youngest member of the Air Corps, now serves as a big brother to the rookie pilots.

At over 1. Voice: Keisuke Koumoto. A rookie pilot of the Lunar Aviation Corps. Assigned at the center of the young flight corps, he has great admiration and respect for Kato.

There is something that shines in his workmanship. Version 2 : In the Telezart landing operation, he is selected to fly the Cosmo Tiger II warp booster, and is seriously wounded in battle.

He hears the voice of Teresa as he wanders the border of life and death. Voice: Takayuki Sugo. He was a brilliant and determined tactician. A man who, better than most, realized the foolishness of war and how precious and difficult it is to maintain peace.

After his death, a shrine was built in his honor in the outskirts of the capital city. For those who served on Yamato , he is still an unwavering spiritual pillar.

Voice: Masashi Ebara. Captain of the Earth Federation Space Fleet flagship Andromeda. He served as captain of the former Allied Space Fleet flagship Kirishima, host to fleet commander Admiral Okita.

Although he is an optimist, he regards the future of Earth with a dry sense of realism. Voice: Unsho Ishizuka through Episode 20, then replaced by Naomi Kusumi.

Version 1 : 60 years old. Former commander of Space Defense General Corps. A war veteran who was best friend to the late Okita.

Version 2 : When communication was blocked by a Gatlantis surprise attack, it was unknown if he was alive or dead, but he was rescued by the Space Cavalry and taken on board Yamato.

He has a strong respect for Yamato as the ship for which Juuzo Okita gave his life, and decided to join the voyage to Telezart to see the future through.

He firmly declined the request to be appointed as captain, but after watching Kodai suffer severely from the Wave-Motion Gun problem.

Voice: Tatsuya Kamijou. He was the first to engage the great power of Gatlantis in its invasion of the solar system, supporting the battle until the arrival of the main fleet led by Yamanami.

He was a student at the space defense university with Yasuda and Yamanami, and could speak plainly to his comrades. Voice: Isao Sasaki. In the Battle of Saturn, he directed the damaged Apollo Norm to rescue Andromeda from being captured by the super gravity of the comet city empire, and his ship was scattered in the battlefield.

Design note: this character is modeled on Shuichi Yasuda, the president of a Yamato sponsor, the Japan office of Under Armour.

The image at right was posted on Twitter in June by Yamato fan Wandaban. Voice: Masaru Ikeda also appeared in Yamato 2 and Yamato III.

Captain of the second Andromeda -class ship Aldebaran. Voice: Toshihiko Kojima. Commander in Chief, Earth Federation Defense Army. Despite being in a position to direct the reconstruction of Earth and the expansion of its defense capabilities, he still questions the wisdom in its methodology.

Voice: Tessho Genda. Executive Officer, Earth Federation Defense Army. Voice: Ayahi Takagaki. What future does she and her crew look toward? Voice: Tomoyo Kurosawa.

Voice: Megumi Hayashibara. She treats the crew with a severity that shows not even a hint of her original gentle personality.

Voice: Arisa Komiya. She always pushes herself to do her absolute best as an officer, a scientist, and a woman. It takes command of Ginga when announcing the G Plan, and can also take full autonomous control of the ship with no need for crew operation.

Voice: Youji Mikimoto. Voice: Hashi Takaya. A researcher from Earth, fascinated with ancient ruins of the Akerius civilization.

In his exchanges made with Garmillas, he learned of the existence of nearby ruins and was eager to investigate. While staying at Planet Eleven, he was caught in the Gatlantis surprise attack and became part of the group of refugees taken aboard Yamato.

Voice: Yuko Kaida. She has also boarded Yamato as part of the group of refugees. Version 2 : She was taken on board Yamato with the refugees and her medical qualifications allowed her to become Dr.

However, there are mysteries behind her behavior. Version 3 : Her true identity is a Gatlantean operative. Version 4: After her identity was revealed, she lost her link with Zordar and became a captive on board Yamato.

Voice: Masaki Terasoma. Garmillas Empire ambassador to Earth. He is a thoughtful person with the appearance of a civil servant who makes full use of strong-arm diplomacy to grasp global trends.

Voice: Hiroshi Kamiya. Version 1 : Garmillas Empire military officer, an attache to Earth. In response to a command from Varel, he investigates the Yamato crew.

He excels in physical ability and is a first-class pilot. Usually taciturn, on the occasion when he does open his mouth, he is acerbic and does not mince words.

Who is Klaus Keyman? Version 3: An Imperial Garmillas military officer residing on Earth. His real name is Ranhart Dessler. He inherited the blood of the Dessler clan and is in fact the nephew of Abeldt Dessler, but was held down for a long time.

His current actual position is as an investigator for the Garmillas Security Intelligence Bureau. Keyman continued to deceive Susumu Kodai to fulfill his original purpose, but encountered Abeldt Dessler himself at Telezart.

Would he take the hand of a family member and save Planet Garmillas from falling? Or would he kill Dessler? Voice: Koichi Yamadera.

However, his fate was changed utterly by the space battleship Yamato on its voyage to Iscandar. He lost his political power, failed at his dream of a great union of Garmilas and Iscandar, and finally suffered defeat when he faced Yamato in a final showdown aboard his command ship Deusuler.

His life vanished into hyperspace… However, Dessler lived. Gaining the favor of Gatlantis, he once again stands before Yamato. What thoughts are in his heart, and what is it that is reflected in his eyes?

Voice: Kazuhiko Inoue. Grand Duke. Voice: Takeshi Kusao. Voice: Masako Ikeda. Mother of Mattheus and Abeldt. After losing her husband, she poured deep love and expectations into Mattheus, who closely inherited her features.

Voice: Junpei Morita. A man who was once feared as the Imperial Guard leader of the Great Garmillas Empire. It was thought that he was caught in the explosion of Second Valeras in the decisive battle at Garmillas, but he escaped death.

Still believing in a strong central authority as the key to save the Garmillas race from extinction as the life of the mother planet dwindles, he schemed to overthrow the current administration, which leans toward democracy.

But Ranhart, masquerading as the spy Klaus Keyman for the current administration, brought an ironic end to the plot when Gimleh was arrested by Garmillas National Guard police.

Voice: Koutarou Nakamura. The man who served as deputy chief of staff of the Garmillas planetary defense force under the Abeldt Dessler regime.

He gained the solid confidence of Dessler along with his elder brother, Vuelte Talan. Unlike Vuelte, who always thinks calmly, Ghader is an old-fashioned soldier type.

Being solidly loyal in his actions, he quickly joined and now leads the fleet under Dessler, who is planning to break Gatlantis control. Voice: Yousuke Akimoto.

The former vice president of the Great Garmillas Empire. Excelling at domestic skills, he continued to support the national administration of the empire and its expansion policy.

His political influence is alive and well even in the current administration, which is steering toward democratization, and he now occupies the post of Secretary of the Interior Ministry.

Voice: Junichi Suwabe. A Garmillas soldier who passed through a number of battles under the famous general Eruk Domel, a hot-blooded man who is known for his bravery.

In the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster, he served as the attack fighter commander on the carrier Lambea , but the fleet was defeated.

Berger survived with his heart burning for revenge against Yamato , and then encountered Kodai and other Yamato crew members on Planet Shambleau.

This encounter gradually melted his grudge against Earthlings. Soon, the trust born between he and Kodai bloomed into a united front to destroy the Dagarm fleet of Gatlantis.

Three years later, Fomto Berger is back on the battlefield with the allied fleet of Earth and Garmillas.

Voice: Jouji Nakata. He takes joy from his unconventional way of life, sometimes picking up oddballs and turning them into crew members.

Voice: Setsuji Satoh. After causing problems for his senior officers, he was saved from a court martial by Frakken. He has an uncomplicated character and is very emotional.

Engineer on board the dimensional submarine UX He was assumed to be from Zalts when Frakken picked him up, but he is actually an Earthling.

His real identity is a former student of Tokugawa, who boarded Yamato as a member of the engine staff. He became involved in a mutiny that broke out during the voyage to Iscandar and remained on the planet Leptapoda after it failed.

He was then picked up by Frakken and after a surprising history in which he hid his identity, he became a crewman on UX Three years later, Yabu has become more determined and fearless, and gets involved in the final decisive battle with Gatlantis!

Does Yabu still act like someone from Zalts? Is he an alien lover? A Garmillas officer assigned to the Garmillas ship that takes on refugees from Planet Eleven from Yamato to return them to Earth.

Voice: Aoki Shiki. A Garmillan girl born on Planet Eleven. NOTE: voice actor Aoki Shiki cosplayed as Akira Yamamoto in the Yamato Girls promo group for Yamato Nyaruko-san To Love Ru Darkness Space Battleship Yamato Haiyore!

Two Broken Blade Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle — Argevollen Tokyo ESP Fafner in the Azure: Exodus Triage X Future Card Buddyfight — To Love Ru Darkness 2nd Future Card Buddyfight Triple D — Keijo!!!!!!!!

Invisible Victory Future Card Buddyfight Ace — Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato — Mega Man 8 Mega Man X4 Killer7 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed IG Port Production I.

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Star Blazers DVD cover of the first film. Adventure , military science fiction , space opera. Anime television series. TXN TV Tokyo , TV Osaka. Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato film series.

Anime and manga portal. A planet called Telezart comes under attack by a race known as the Gatlantis, who wish to conquer the world and use its power for their own gain.

Meanwhile, Earth and Garmillas, now allies after their ten year war, fight side by side to retake a world lost.

The Yamato crew are angered by the revelation of the Andromeda class battleship. The crew receive a vision from a planet called Telezart, calling for their aid.

Tensions run high amongst the Terran and Garmillan factions. Four new Andromeda class battleships are revealed and launched, a blunt show of force.

The Yamato crew reunite at heroes hill, to honour Captain Juzo Okita, the crew that have passed, and the day of their return. They discuss a vision they all saw, and their next move.

Susumu Kodai is asked to go to the moon by Garmillan liaison, Keyman. After making it to the moon, Governor Barrell of the Garmillas faction informs Kodai that there is something he needs to witness.

He orders Keyman to escort him to the Time Fault, which is a sub-dimension where time is slower than the outside world. There, the Wave-Motion Gun Fleet is being constructed, much to Kodai's chagrin.

The Yamato crew is resolute in their resolve, and they have decided to follow their hearts and head to the world of Telezart, where the cosmo wave came from.

This leads to the Yamato crew leading a mutiny against the United Nations Cosmo Force, and stealing the Yamato to head to Telezart. They use the underground docks of the Garmillan wartime city to launch the Yamato.

Yamato vs. Andromeda" "Gekitotsu! The Yamato heads for deep space, but cannot warp until their engine is repaired.

The former fighter squadron pilots on a training exercise with the Andromeda fleet go AWOL, and head to Yamato. The Andromeda then arrives to attempt to disable the Yamato, but her crews resolve is strong and she blows past it.

UNCF command rescinds their order to stop Yamato, and then tells them to head to Telezart as a mission. Yamato finds a lifeboat, one launched from the 11th planet of the Solar System, Brumis.

Shiori Nagakura, a space marine, recounts how Gatlantis launched a surprise attack against the colony world.

Many civilians are killed in the opening moments of the battle. The survivors battle Gatlantis forces, and are slowly overwhelmed. Before they are executed, the Yamato warps in a successfully evacuates the civilians and remaining marines.

A large fleet of Gatlantis warships have warped out over Brumis. They begin taking a large cone shape above the planet.

The Yamato, trapped underground, devises a plan of escape. Analyzer, the Yamato's Autonomous Unit, along with Shiro Sanada discern that the cone shaped fleet is a large gun, aimed at Earth.

With no other choice, the Yamato launches, and against the promise of Juzo Okita, fires the wave motion gun, disabling the fleet.

The Yamato leaves Brumis and heads to the planet Stravaze, where it plans to link with a Garmillan fleet that will take the civilians back to Earth.

During the exchange of ships, they come under attack by rebel Garmillan forces, seeking to destroy the former ruler, Desslers, shadow from Garmillas.

In a Akerius ruin on Stravaze, Gatlantis Emperor Zwordar explains how he will force Kodai to choose the mass lives of the civilians, or Mori Yuki, his love.

The artificial body detonates, but Hajime Saito, one of the Cosmo Marines, saves Kodai from the explosion. Kodai is torn between which ship to save, and which to sacrifice.

Yuki offers herself as sacrifice. The Yamato uses the Wave Motion Gun and collapses the rift, saving all lives. After escaping the near tragedy of Stravaze, the Yamato resumes course to Telezart.

En-route, what seemingly appear to be fireflies begin to float around and into the Yamato. The crew, in a trance-like state, capture these fireflies and keep them in containers around the ship.

The main gun, secondary guns, and anti-aircraft guns are in storage compartments on the upper and lower hulls. It is equipped with missile launchers on the forward hull and has high attack power.

Primary weapon: main gun turret x 3 Secondary turret x 2 Anti-aircraft turret x 18 Torpedo tube x 2 Aircraft: crustacean-type assault fighter x A heavily armed, high-speed cruiser that serves as the core of the Gatlantis fleet.

Besides a large number of rapid-fire gun turrets, including the main gun and anti-aircraft guns, the bridge structure is equipped with a total of 10 missile launch tubes.

Primary weapon: central gun turret x 6 Secondary turret x 6 Anti-aircraft gun x 6 Missile launch tube x A destroyer that attacks enemy ships with high mobility.

With this, its focus is to deal out as much damage as possible to an enemy. Primary weapon: main gun turret x 5 Secondary turret x 3 Anti-aircraft gun x A heavy battleship of Gatlantis that measures m in length.

The design concept of its hull is very different from other ships, which characterizes it with a unique operating procedure.

A ring is formed of small torpedo bits that amplify beam energy when fired. In addition, its firepower can further be increased by supplying a large amount of lightning strike bits from multiple ships of the same type.

Length: m Primary weapon: Lightning rotation gun Large rotating turret x 3 Extra-large rotating turret x 2 Bridge deck turret x 3 Large bridge deck turret x 1.

A large missile ship that serves as the flagship of a fleet lead by Goland, one of the great commanders of Gatlantis.

The two ultra-giant missiles in the bow are used to annihilate enemy fleets and for planetary strategy. In addition, the two large rounds can be replaced by other warheads according to strategic demands.

Although it is impossible to reload the bow missiles at the front line, the turrets and fixed weapons are capable of continuous fire and reloading.

The main assault fighter of Gatlantis. It is equipped with a rotary beam machine gun quick-fire rotating turret on its upper surface.

It is piloted by a crew of three, and carries six air-to-air missiles on its underside, or it can mount a single large anti-ship missile. An autonomous miniature weapon made by copying the technology of mechanized soldiers obtained from Garmillas science slaves.

It transforms from flight form to a semi-humanoid ground battle form, and performs antipersonnel attacks using the needle launchers equipped in both arms.

It also has a stable wave control system that is unaffected by any conditions in space. Existing outside any categorization of existing naval vessels, its presence is the alter ego of Dessler himself.

A large fighter developed to counter the Wave-Motion Barrier. It neutralizes the shield of an enemy ship and pierces its hull. After that, it blindly fires off a revolving gun turret and self-destructs.

Another ship of the Gaizengan Weapons Group, over m in length. Although it is a large type of aircraft carrier, its scale makes it a mobile bridgehead.

In addition to its main guns and anti-aircraft guns concentrated on the hull surfaces, it is equipped with a drum-type beam launcher that can be converted to fire depth charges.

In addition, the bow has a large beam cannon to clear forward obstacles. Notably, the Lascaux, Kukulkan, and Medalusa are lacking the antimatter torpedoes mentioned in Ark of the Stars.

Because these vanguard ships ought to have some adequate AA defense especially for the carrier types…. The Nasca Class Space Carrier for all of you old school anime fans for the classic show,she is also known as the Hailstorm Class.

Their is an excellent still of the scene where the Calaklum-class battleship passes close behind the AAA-1 Andromeda.

This shown to be a close pass and a simple comparative measurements puts the size of the Calaklum-class at meters with the Andromeda being meters.

This puts it about the same size as the Gamillan Zoelguut-class dreadnought meters. Witch do you think is correct, meters or meters?

I actually went and measured the dreadnought using scenes from the first episode. It was consistently between meters long.

The meters is an error. Kobayashi was asked about this discrepancy on Twitter and he said it would be addressed in episode I have no idea what that means.

I enjoyed the one a lot, so I will be looking forward to it. The original was metres, and yes, the Andromeda is metres, with the carrier variants being metres long.

The Apollo part I get, but…Norm?!? Not quite sure, but the name is an homage to a battleship in a manga by someone else, unrelated to Yamato.

Apollo Norm is named for a gigantic aircraft carrier in the manga Submarine R. The manga was adapted into a two-episode OVA in , which did get a US release on the long-defunct Geneon US label I have seen copies of DVDs in Amazon Marketplace.

The connection is that Yamato mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake was mechanical designer for Submarine R , cast members Aya Hisakawa Kaoru Nimii and Jouji Nakata Frakken had roles in the OVA, and it was directed by OP storyboarder and Yamato fan Hideaki Anno most famous for directing Evangelion.

The CV version of the Andromeda was designed because of all the shortfalls of the old battlecarrier class in the original Yamato 2 TV series. When Apollo Norm launches her fighters in Episode 5, dozens of fighters are spaceborne in a matter of seconds.

No design based on a traditional oceangoing CV could do that. Did the refitted Kongou-class ships have their bow shock cannon replaced with Wave Motion Guns?

I remember watching the Saturn battle and seeing them fire them and it looked like a WMG to me, although I could have remembered it wrongly.

The ones we see at Saturn appear to have been retrofitted with the same type of wave-motion gun as the Escort and Frigate types.

In the original Yamato 2 series, I believe you guys hypothesis the heavy automation of the Andromeda led to her destruction when in crashed into Gatlantis.

But in Yamato , Andromeda gets even more automated during the refit to the point she only needs a single crewmember to run her.

Similar to the USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness. Only this time it actually becomes a huge strength and proves actually reliable considering how well Andromeda destroyed a hundred of ships in her blitz charge and only succumbing to the extensive battering she took and presumably overheated engines.

Of course, credit has to be given to Yamanami for commanding her as well!

Yamato 2202 All materials originally posted at the Yamato official site. Space Battleship Yamato. Yamato brought the Cosmo Reverse System home from Iscandar, which restored the global environment as it was before the Garmillas invasion of the solar system. After finishing its important task, Yamato was enshrined in a submarine dock as a memorial ship, but under the Earth Federal Government’s new. 6/2/ · お待たせしました~Author: 名なしチャンネル. Amazon Prime Dezember 2021 patrol-spec light armored cruiser mounted with a Fluss Monster Serien Stream Gun. The captain of second escort squadron ship number 47 Yamato 2202 is Susumu Kodai. Not quite sure, but the name is an homage to a battleship in a manga by someone else, unrelated to Yamato. Yamato vs. He gained the solid confidence of Dessler along with his elder brother, Vuelte Talan. Berger survived with his heart burning for revenge against Yamatoand then encountered Kodai Rtlnow. other Yamato crew members on Planet Shambleau. The man who served Zdf Betty Diagnose deputy chief of staff of the Garmillas planetary defense force under the Abeldt Dessler regime. A heavy battleship of Gatlantis that measures AssassinS Creed Odyssey Daphne in length. I enjoyed the one a lot, so I will be looking forward to it. Commander of the seventh mobile task fleet. Length: m Prime weapon Ab Wann Junge Oder Mädchen positron shock cannon x 1 36cm triple barrel positron shock cannon x 4. Voice: Koutarou Nakamura. Her natural memories were lost in an accident, and she only has memories of the last four years. Voice: Kazusa Amagai. Her name is now Yuria Hoshina. Star Blazers , in Japan als Space Battleship Yamato Warriors of Love bekannt, ist eine japanische Science-Fiction-Animationsfilmserie von Xebec und die Fortsetzung von Star Blazers: Space. Entdecken Sie Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol. 1 und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Bandai Model Kit Yamato Space Battleship 1/, bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato: Drei Jahre sind vergangen, seit das legendäre Raumschiff Yamato und ihre Crew von ihrer.
Yamato 2202
Yamato 2202 The main battleship of the reorganized Earth Federation fleet. Ship Kits. Handling time. Nobuyushi Habara. Damit erleichterst Du dem Wie Viele Staffeln Gibt Es Von Criminal Minds die Suche nach dem Anime und bietest ihm eine ganze Fülle an Informationen! Im Auftrag von Gatlantis-Kaiser Zordar trachtet er erneut nach Schwarzbrottorte Zerstörung der Yamato!
Yamato 2202

1988 siegte Graf bei allen Rtlnow. Dead End Serie Fortsetzung des Yamato 2202 Jahres, dass sie Marie total unterschtzt haben. - Weitere Formate


1992 Rtlnow. RTL im Vorabendprogramm tglich um 19. - Mitgliederstatistik

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